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Convenient ATM On-Site

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Billy Goat's Gruff - Reservation & Payment Policy

Now Accepting Debit and Credit Cards for Reservations.

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1. Tent Camping - $20.00 per night per person 2 night min. Holiday 3 night min.(all fees subject to tax and fees) 4 person minimum.
2 One vehicle pass provided for every 4 prepaid guests, additional vehicles $10 per day. 2-3 guests only, will pay for a car pass at $10 per day.
3. Electricity - $10.00 per night.
4. Absolutely No Free Entry - Every prepaid person is a registered guest with armband and every vehicle must have a tag. If you have friends or family arrive that are not on your guest list it is your responsibility to escort them to the check-in office to get an armband and car tag and added to your guest list. On Friday guest must purchase a 2 day pass. $20.00 per day plus, $10.00 per day for an extra car. On Saturday guest must purchase a one day pass $20.00 per day plus, $10.00 per day for an extra car. All applicable taxes apply. If you fail to do so your entire group will be professionally escorted off the premises and you lose your entire privileges. No Exceptions, Nada, None!

Call Now to make your reservations: 830 643 4146Riverfront View on the Guadalupe River -Primative Tent Camping|Billy Goat's Gruff, New Braunfels

We offer Exclusive Resort Riverfront Camping and spaces are limited

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